About this Site


Dear readers,

Welcome to PHILO-notes!

This site is intended primarily for teachers and students in philosophy in the Philippines, particularly those who are teaching and taking up the courses Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person and General Ethics. It aims to help said teachers and students in their teaching and studies by providing them with helpful notes and resources. It must be noted that the course Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person has been offered to the senior high school students in the Philippines just last June 2016, and resources in this course remain scarce. Also, most students in public schools in the Philippines can hardly access these valuable resources. Thus, this site will help them secure those valuable resources.

By June 2018, the course General Ethics will be offered to the college students in the Philippines. Again, given that these courses have been offered just lately, learning resources that are so helpful to teachers and students remain scarce. This site will help significantly in filling this gap.

While this site targets students and teachers in the Philippines, especially those who do not have a strong background and orientation in philosophy, it is also hoped that students and teachers in philosophy from all corners of the world may find this site helpful. For sure, the articles that are published here are about philosophy in general, and given that philosophy courses are offered in all universities in the world, then this may also cater to the needs of the philosophy students and teachers in other countries.

Lastly, while this site is dedicated to providing helpful learning materials and resources to philosophy students and teachers, it may also post blogs or articles that are not directly related to philosophy. For example, this site may post articles about current events and social issues that may interest our readers.

Again, it is really hoped that you find this site helpful.